Little Shop of Oils Essential Oil and Crystal Infused Roller

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Need a little extra mood boost? Need better sleep? A crystal-infused essential oil roller from Little Shop of Oils is sure to do the trick. These oil blends applied directly to key pulse points can help bring serenity, better sleep, unconditional love, or combat the effects of mercury retrograde.

  • The Anxiety Sucks Roller combats flustered feelings and awakens a sense of serenity and calmness. This purposefully crafted essential oil blend is thoughtfully designed to bring peace to your mind and relief to your body.
    • SCENT PROFILE : Lavender + Vetiver + Chamomile : A calming hug of woodsy lavender boldly blends with the leathery zest of vetiver, all while laced in a delicate floral of chamomile.
    • CRYSTAL INFUSION : Smoky Quartz Point : One of the most powerful stones for grounding & balancing as its gentle healing force anchors you to our ever-spinning planet.
    • HERBAL INFUSION : Lavender + Rose : Helps calm and ground the body
    • KEY BENEFITS : Helps the mind & body calm and relax itself with natural healing oils. Daily use on the bottom of feet, wrists, and neck to help keep anxious feelings at bay
  • The Deep Sleep Roller was lovingly created just for tosser-turners, over-thinkers, eternal strugglers to count sheep. Tap into tranquility with this bold blend aimed to soothe the troubled snoozer. Grab a solid night of restorative rest and wake up feeling fresh and recharged.

    • SCENT PROFILE : Lavender + Peppermint + Frankincense + Blue Tansy :  The alluring, earthy spice of frankincense pairs beautifully with the familiar sweet, soothing florals of lavender, blue tansy, and chamomile, while peppermint packs a relaxing punch.
    • CRYSTAL INFUSION : Moonstone : A tangible connection to moon magic.
    • HERBAL INFUSION : Lavender + Chamomile : Helps calm body and relax mind Daily use on the bottom of feet will help you sleep soundly
  • The Love Potion Roller ignites all the romantic feels by enhancing the deepness of love and attraction. Allow your love life to thrive by indulging in the playful qualities of this magical essential oil blend. It will leave your body and your senses feeling cheekily spellbound.

    • GEMSTONE INFUSION : Rose Quartz : The crystal of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, makes rose quartz the perfect infusion for your self-care and beauty regime.
    • HERBAL INFUSION : Rose + Vanilla Bean : Helps open the heart chakra
  • The Mercury Retrograde Roller is an essential tool to help battle the retrograde blues. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the dreaded cosmic rollercoaster known as Mercury Retrograde! If you have, you know all too well the overwhelming waves of chaos that accompany it.

    • GEMSTONE : Blue Lace Agate : A gentle calming stone that brings grace and tranquility. It brings peace, inspiration and it enhances clear self-expression. Can help lessen anger and stress.
    • Evil Eye: Good luck charm, helps protect you against the "evil eye"


By Little Shop of Oils