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Pick your pleasure! Each perfume is designed for you and your personality. The perfect compliment to you.


The audacious Aries can be expected to take the lead at karaoke, a PowerPoint presentation or bottomless mimosa brunch. You thrive on healthy competition, optimism, and a can-do attitude. Your energetic passion is contagious, and it inspires others to adopt your adventurous mindset. While your temper has been known to rear its ugly head from time to time; what you lack in prudence you make up for in courageousness. Sandalwood + Amber + Bergamot A sweet, rosy blend that is charmingly reminiscent of patchouli. The boldness of sandalwood lends a zesty kick to the blend that bolsters the earthiness of the scent.ROLLERBALL TOP + OPALITE + Brings calming influences to Aries- bringing out thoughtfulness and consideration for others. GEMSTONE INFUSION + RED JASPER + Promotes thought before action and helps Aries think about the consequences their actions may have. 10ml


The trustworthy Taurus is about as reliable as gravity. Your practical approach to work, tradition, and relationships yields longevity in all your endeavors. You find comfort in the little things that others find routine. Your uncompromising attitude may be misinterpreted as stubborn, but your steadfast devotion makes you a worthy adversary. Tobacco + Floral Notes A clean, crisp blend with a refreshing bite of bold, aromatic florals. A spicy undertone adds a deeper dimension to this sultry combination. ROLLERBALL TOP Rhodonite: Helps release resentment and jealousies in Taurus.GEMSTONE INFUSION Kyanite: Promotes flexibility and calms stubborn tendencies in Taurus.


The airy Aquarius is a colorful pioneer for the greater good. You thrive on harnessing your unwavering desire to compassionately address charitable issues near and dear to your heart. You may suffer from the occasional streak of stubbornness, but your opinions are typically rooted in your smarty-pants intellect. Scent Profile Citrus Neroli + Cedarwood + Balsam A sweet, woodsy blend that feels like walking along a forest-lined beach. Citrus and balsam are paired together to create an alluring scent that evokes a nostalgic feeling of summer on your skin. ROLLERBALL TOP + LABRADORITE + Awakens and strengthen Aquarius’ already strong connection to spirit. GEMSTONE INFUSION + AQUAMARINE + Helps with communication and releasing long-held resentments and emotions in Aquarius.


The conventional Capricorn has the best of intentions, but occasionally struggles with executing them in a compassionate way. Your pragmatic, worker-bee approach makes you a valuable asset to your employer, as you thrive on organization, lists, and attention to detail. Your disciplined demeanor can come off as cold or unforgiving. Loosen up, shake off the seriousness, and allow yourself make relaxation a priority. Sandalwood + Cedarwood + Floral Notes Perfectly clean, this sweetly floral blend partners beautifully with the creaminess of sandalwood. The familiarity of pine notes quietly lingers within this unique scent. ROLLERBALL TOP Blue Lace Agate: Calms stress-related situations and overcoming communication difficulties in Capricorn. GEMSTONE INFUSION Black Tourmaline: Excellent grounding crystal for meditation and healing for Capricorn.


The gregarious Gemini is the life of the party. Your whimsical nature playfully encourages others to join in on the fun. There is never a dull moment with this social butterfly, but your zest for life can be overwhelmed by indecisiveness or impulsivity. Once tamed, the dualities of your personality can coexist, making you truly adaptable to any curveballs life throws your way. Floral Hints + Vanilla + Peony + Citrus A citrus-driven blend, supported by uplifting florals. This bright, refreshing combination, quietly paired with a hint of vanilla feels like springtime on your skin. ROLLERBALL TOP Tiger's Eye: Emotional stabilizer. It balances the Yin and Yang energies in Gemini. GEMSTONE INFUSION Citrine: Promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression in Gemini.


The loyal Leo knows how to command a room with lively self-confidence. You are easily adored by others due to your generous, jovial disposition. However, your bigger-than-life personality may be perceived as narcissistic arrogance. It may be hard for you to accept this type of criticism (we know, you’re perfect), but you must set your stubbornness aside to be a thriving leader. Teakwood + Citrus An invigorating burst of tangerine, relaxed by amber undertones. This silky blend is alluringly musky without being overpowering. ROLLERBALL TOP Carnelian: Ignites passion and ambition. Promotes self-confidence in Leo. GEMSTONE INFUSION Snowflake Obsidian: Brings balance to the mind, body, and spirit.


The lovable Libra is chalk full of charm. You thrive in social situations and bring a sense of camaraderie to the party. Your people-pleasing nature produces a diplomatic approach to confrontation, which amplifies your idealistic reputation. In the pursuit of perfection, you can tend to spiral in self-pity. Keep in mind that it’s about the journey, not the destination, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride. Citrus Notes + Cedarwood + Bergamot This sharp, citrus-led scent marries perfectly with the earthy deepness of cedar-wood. The floral notes of bergamot lend a softness to this complex blend. ROLLERBALL TOP Rainbow Fluorite: Brings order to both chaos and disorganization aids mental clarity, increases the life force and balances both hemispheres in Libra GEMSTONE INFUSION Mookaite: Supportive during times of stress - helpful in dealing with change and encourages patience in Libra.


The pleasing Pisces is as emotionally in-tune as an Adele album. You do not lack in the empathy department, which is good news for those you carefully choose to surround yourself with. You tend to struggle with asking for help, which can leave you feeling extra moody or isolated. Luckily, your vibrant imagination leads you to employ your creative outlets. Bergamot + Verbena + Cedarwood A combination of warm cedarwood and dainty florals yields a unique, soft musk. A fresh pop of citrus brings this blend alive, creating the perfect yin and yang of feminine and masculine. ROLLERBALL TOP Bloodstone: Protects your life force energy, to boost your physical strength and balance the emotions in Pisces. GEMSTONE INFUSION Fluorite: Balanced. Balancing positive and negative energies in Pisces.


The splendid Sagittarius is the whole kit and caboodle. Your inherent kindness paired with unbridled honesty makes you a trustworthy friend through and through. Your personality is the perfect cocktail of qualities that keeps your outlook on adventure enthusiastically optimistic. Before your head gets too big, don’t underestimate the power of humility. Your appeal is only as strong as your ability to practice modesty. Citrus + Vanilla + Coffee + Cedarwood This uplifting vanilla-based blend seamlessly pairs up with lively citrus, producing a bright, vivid combination. A woodsy cedar gently mellows the aroma, creating a truly alluring profile that feels like a cup of coffee for the senses. ROLLERBALL TOP White Howlite: Enhances communication, awareness, and self-knowledge in Sagittarius. GEMSTONE INFUSION Tiger's Eye: Heightens intuition. Increases confidence. Turns negative feelings into positive ones in Sagittarius.


The serious Scorpio has more residing under the surface than they let on. Your stoic persona can be intimidating, but its rooted firmly in bravery. You are one tough cookie, and your strength makes you a loyal leader. This tough exterior prevents you from being vulnerable, but it can also ignite jealously and resentment. Stay true to your core values and allow your emotions to be nurtured by the loved ones that you work so hard to protect. Scent Profile Dark and Sultry Amber + Cinnamon + Jasmine + Rose A contrasting scent of deep, intoxicating florals. Sensual jasmine remains sweet while a subtle hit of cinnamon adds a spicy element to this intricate blend.


The virtuous Virgo carefully maneuvers through life with intention, leaving nothing to chance. Armed with practicality, patience, (and most likely a clipboard), you utilize your meticulousness to ensure that you do not misstep on your journey to improvement. Your rigid mentality can cause you to overthink instead of simply experiencing the moment, however, your kind heart outweighs any negativity clouding your mind. Rose + Jasmine + Sandalwood An energetic floral arrangement, guided by the rich sweetness of jasmine. A brisk woodsy undertone subtly balances out this romantic blend. ROLLERBALL TOP Amethyst: Helps Virgo mentally rest and recharge. Helps soothe the sometimes anxious and critical Virgo mind. GEMSTONE INFUSION Peridot: Increases confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought in virgo.

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