Maiden Voyage Eye of Ailuros Band

Maiden Voyage Eye of Ailuros Band

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Ailuros - the Greek name for the Egyptian feline goddess Bastet. Delicate whiskers of engraved bright cuts surround a cat's eye Marquise Grey Diamond. Made with a matte 14k Yellow Gold.

Size available : 5.75

Other sizes can be ordered. There is a 6-8 week turnaround time.

By Maiden Voyage Jewelry

From the brand:

Established 2014 in San Francisco by Megan Rugani, Maiden Voyage is an ever evolving collection of fine jewelry that values the singular nature of bespoke and the hand of the artist. Hand engraving is resurrected and used with a modern voice. Substantial signets, classic bands, and rich stonework make for a collection that is innately androgynous. Their new home in the high desert of New Mexico allowed them to expand their in-house team to include local goldsmiths and stone-cutters who use traditional techniques with modern technologies to produce work with a keen attention to detail.