Specimen Snow Dendrite White Agate Druzy Crystal Tower

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These specimens of Snow Dendrite Agate are cut and polished into obelisk shaped towers that are bright white with varying concentrations and patterns of blue, black and brown color and feature small exposed cavities that are full of glittery druzy crystals; a combination that truly mimics a beautiful snow covered landscape.

Dendrite refers to an intricate tree-like branching pattern that forms when water flow is present during the crystallization process of a specimen, causing mineral inclusions to become trapped within its dense structure as it hardens. In these dendritic specimens, iron and manganese crystallized with chalcedony and quartz, appearing as fine lines and specs of color within white agate.

Known as the “Stone of Plenitude,” white dendritic agate encourages an abundant life by generating a strong spiritual and physical connection with the earth that stimulates feelings of peace, joy, and gratitude and gives it powerful healing properties that target the nervous system, leading to increased health and well-being.

You will receive a specimen similar to the ones pictured, in the size specified.  Measurements below are approximate.

  • Small measures about 3" tall and 1" wide
  • Medium measures about 4" tall and 1" wide
  • Large measures about 5" tall and 1-1.25" wide