Mineral and Matter Heirloom Art Nouveau Locket

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 With the introduction of the French era jewelry of Art Nouveau, the feminine, not the sentimental, was now the star of the show: Sweet-faced and natural, with hair in constant flow, it depicted its female subjects most beautiful with long lines and elegant curves; often set in enamel called plique-a-jour. And although there is room for both you and a portrait of your beloved to hide, perhaps instead, a floral solid perfume could reside? A subtle nod in celebration of all things organic, Nouveau and the feminine.

Each locket is one-of-a-kind, and in some cases, over 100 years old. Each has unique wear and tear that adds to the charm and history of the piece. 

Locket #1 (Exact age unknown) is made of goldfill and features an etched filigree design with accenting scrollwork. Measures approximately 1" by 1"

Locket #2 (Exact age unknown) is a circular shape with etched floral design. Super shiny with an infinity-esque accent at the top. Measures approximately 1" by 1.25"

Locket #3 (Exact age unknown) is a Japanese-inspired fan shape, which swings open to reveal the compartment. The front is engraved with a cherry blossom. Measures approximately 1.25" by 1.25"

Locket #4 (~1910) features an engraved fan design, flanked by floral and foliage. Measures approximately 1.25" by 1.25"

Locket #5 (Exact age unknown) is a small oval shape, featuring scrollwork reminiscent of architectural details. Measures 0.75" by 1"

Locket #6 (1900-1910) features gorgeous floral high-relief engraving with a smattering of inlaid CZs. The central CZ has its own starburst engraving. A previous owner's initials adorn the back. Measures approximately 1" by 1"

Collected by Mineral and Matter