Mineral and Matter Heirloom Victorian Locket

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Leave it to a queen to start a whole new movement in jewelry. It was Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert that first defined the Sweetheart Locket; with Victoria being gifted a charm bracelet with eight hanging pendants, each containing a lock of hair from their children  - to after Albert’s passing  - where she had a locket dangling, his portrait encasing. A wearable reminder of the love they clearly had for each other and the beginning of the lock down of lovers.

Each locket is one-of-a-kind, and in some cases, over 100 years old. Each has unique wear and tear that adds to the charm and history of the piece. 

Locket #1 (1890 - 1910) 

is a long oval shape, embedded with CZs in 14k goldfill. Comes with vintage photographs inside. Measures 2.5" by 1"

Locket #2 (1900 - 1910) is made of solid gold and features a gemstone carved with the masonic symbol on one side. Measures 1.5" by 1"

Locket #3 (1890) is made of 9k solid gold and is inlaid with genuine rubies. 

Comes with vintage photographs inside. Measures 1.5" by 1.25"

Collected by Mineral and Matter