Vox Intra Fates Deck

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The Fates deck is a unique deck for self-discovery or deepening relationships that encourages you to visualize yourself at different stages of life. Inspired by the ancient Greek goddesses of Fate who were said to spin the threads of destiny, it has questions for Past, Present, and Future You. Use it by yourself and treat the questions like journal prompts or... Play it with others (up to 3 players total) like a fun "game". Each player picks a Fate to represent and everyone asks each other their questions. Each Fate gets a unique "super power" that they can apply while playing to keep the game interesting!

By Vox Intra

🧡 30 cards with 30 questions for Past, Present, and Future You 🧡 Dimensions: 3.5x5" 🧡 Neutrally written for any gender identity or orientation 🧡 Packaged in a paper case that beautifully unfolds 🧡 Designed in Dallas, printed in California 🧡 1 - 3 Players